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    Default Bad Bad Birthday

    My hubby and I are all set to go to csa in 17 days for the first time. We are both so excited. So it is with a heavy heart on my 33rd birthday that I am writing to my mb friends just to vent. My hubby lost his job last night. He worked for the company for 15 years and we are both in a state of shock. Still going on our vacation, since it is all paid for and all. And before you ask, yup we are from Michigan. I know that he will find another job and that we will be okay, but I have been crying all night and day today. God is good and I know that he has a plan and it is my job to sit patiently and watch while he works.

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    So sorry to hear about your husband losing his job. I just want to say, Couples will take all your worries away for the time you are there. Glad you are still going on your vacation. Try to have a wonderful time, you will fall in love with the resort and the people.

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    So sorry to hear about your husband, but you are not alone, it is happening to so many people over here in the UK.
    Let's hope the recession ends soon!

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    Keep Your Head Up!

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    I am so sorry to hear about your husband loosing his job. But you are right to think postively, he will find another job, there is a plan and this is just the turn in the road to where is he is needed.

    Go to CSA, have a wonderful time, relax, enjoy each other and breath. When you come home you will be able to see the road a little clearer.

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    goodygirl...I am so sorry to hear this news...I hope you enjoy your trip and I hope your husband finds a better job once he returns home.

    Special hugs from 10 0 C

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    Hang in there, my wife has been out of work for about 14 months now and I work for a school district in NJ and our new Governer just cut State aid to our districts by 8 billion, our district (very small by one million) and we are looking at at least 15 layoffs and major progam cancellations, if his implementation of this cuts hols up our state wiil be adding thousands to the unemployed in NJ, possibly even me, schools which eveyone felt were one of the most secure places to work are being hammered here in NJ.

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    I completely empathize with your situation. My husband started a new job last week after being unemployed for 14 months. In addition to the financial burden, it was hard seeing him send out so many resumes and get so few interviews. I know it was much harder for him but I felt so bad.

    Then last December,I lost a very large contract for a long time client so I was virtually without steady income - still am - and working to replace that income.

    So for three months, our household was not a happy place in terms of finances.

    Times are tough but we are so fortunate that he has found a really good job in his field with good benefits. It may last five weeks, five months or five years but for whatever duration, we are both grateful for it.

    Stay positive and be patient and I hope that good things happen for you and your husband.

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    Goody - Hang in there hun! When my hubby lost his job a few years ago we were both stunned. So many emotions happen but then I realized, when one door closes - another one opens. He was so depressed, I told him not to worry he'll get another job - even better than the one he had. He did get another one but he hated it and then a few months later, an offer came for an even better job than the original one!

    The vaca is paid for - everything is included so just make the most of it! You'll both come back relaxed with a more positive attitude and good things will come your way!

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    goodygirl, your attitude will take you far. Allow yourself the process of greiving the loss of your husband's job, then remember when a door closes on both of you, turn yourselves around and look to the door opening in front you. Don't get caught staring at the closed door. Greater things are in store for your husband. Your Michigan friend, Sun_princess

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    goodygirl... I am sorry to hear about your husband's job. Be glad your trip is already paid for and the decision is out of your hands. The same thing happened to us 2 years ago. My husband lost his job 2 weeks before our trip to Couples. We went and just put all our troubles away while on vacation. We had a wonderful time and were glad we went. Then he found a job and lost that one last year again before another trip to Couples. We hoped for the best and again went on our trip and had a great time. Now he has another new job and we are going again to Couples this July. This job looks like a keeper (knock on wood). So needless to say, we are really excited about this year's trip. Just put your troubles aside and HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME. Everything will work out.

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    goodygirl, sorry to hear about your bad news. As bad as that is, it could always be worse though. I know this may not help, but I'll share this with you. My brother-in-law lost his job last May after setting up his companies operation in China over the last 4-5 years. Little did he know, he was helping eliminate his own job. He left his family 8-9 times a year to fly to China for the company just to get let go for his efforts. "Nothing personel, stricktly business" type thing. Two months later. he's diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. No job, no insurance. All of the family has pitched in to help them keep their house. He obviously can't look for a job since he is undergoing extreme chemo & bone marrow treatments. My wife and I decided to take him & my wifes sister to CN this April. It's not that we can afford it, we charged it. So I booked CN for the 4 of us back in November. They were the one's that turned us on to Couples and we have been hooked ever since. We've been to CN & CSS with them in the past. We wanted him to return "home" for what may be his last time. Well, as it turns out, after just finishing his extreme treatment, he can't be in the sun, be on a plane (germs), can't be in a tropical climate and can't eat fruit. That pretty much rules out Jamaica. I had trip insurance and we cancelled. They insisted we go without them and we are. We didn't want to go to CN without them so I switched and we are heading to CSA in 7 days. I know this site has a more pleasent tone and hate to be such a downer but, maybe we should all think about the good things we have and the fact that we are able to go to Jamaica & Couples. I thank God a lot more now after one of my best friends, my brother-in-law was nailed with his fate.

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    Not only do I empathize with hub, I can say without the least bit of reservations: been there/done that. And of course it's not the kind of shared experience that I like to brag about. I worked in aerospace back in the day, employed at one firm for almost 19 years before getting the heave ho. Had that been the end of it, I'd have just chalked it off as just being one of those quirks in life. But my next job only lasted 4 years before another layoff. Then the following one lasted less than 2 years. I finally found my present employment where - knock on wood - I remain to this day, which is in my 8th year and hopefully will carry me thru to retirement.

    So I obviously share your concerns and frustrations. But as you said, the one good thing about a pre-paid AI vacation is you don't have to worry about a great deal of additional expenses. With Couples, there's so many inclusive activities both on and off the resort, you can have a wonderful time guilt free. And I hope you have exactly that.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Sometimes you just have to believe everything happens for a reason.
    A few years back my wife and I had put in a bid to buy our dream house. This was a house in our town that we both agreed, "If that house ever gets put up for sale, we are gonna buy it". Well, through some shady dealings by the listing agent we did not get the house even though we had sent a full price offer and were first in. The agent kicked us out with a 24 hr contingency and sold the house to a friend of hers. OK, I'll get to the point, couple weeks later the Doc my wife was working for out of the blue sold his practice, the new guy was an incompetent fool that she couldn't work for. She wound up going back to school to finish her degree. If we would have gotten the house we wanted, that College choice would not have been an option.
    I hope the best for your hubby, I truely believe everything happens for a reason (although I would like someone to explain BHO and his place in God's grand scheme)and your husband will find a job that he will love. At least he is only 33, not an old goat like me, Enjoy your trip, things will work out

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    Goodygirl ~ I am so sorry to hear your news. Keep your positive outlook and I think it is wonderful that your trip is already paid for and that you will get to spend a week in paradise. Enjoy your time and get refreshed and renewed for your next adventure in life. And I agree that your attitude will hold you through.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks so much for all the encouragment, and thank you rjammin for the reminder of good heath. I get to walk, talk, breath and play with my kids for another day. See you all at csa.

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    hello same thing has happened to us , we were suppose to deposit for our honeymoon this month for the special rate and not we have to wait until he has a job again. just to be sure. but chin up...what is it they say when one door closes another door opens and when it does it will for sure be for the better!

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your news. It's been brutal on the West Coast as well with the housing market, foreclosures, budget cuts, layoffs. Your whole world can change overnight.

    It's a bittersweet reminder to appreciate all the wonderful blessings in our lives.... like these AMAZING VACATIONS and all the fantastic people that we meet during our journey that when hard times hit, we have those memories to get us through...

    Best of luck to you....stay positive! Perhaps our paths will cross in JAI. My hubby and I land on April 18!

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    Read the "need prayers" thread..
    Greg & Deb
    St. Louis, MO
    CSA 04/24 thru 05/01

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    Let the Jamaican island and its people ( including Couples family) relax you and get you ready for what comes next. Like you said, its all in the works. Have a ball!

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    Default Sometimes an opportunity in disquise....

    As someone who works for Employment Ontario I can tell you that I unfortunately hear stories like this every day. Each story a little different, but the end result is devestation, fear, and...well, anger. Fortunately, after the shock wears off, many go on to find employment, sometimes in a similar position, while others start a whole new career. And as many have said, when one door closes, another does open....but what you often don't see is the window of opportunity in between. Perhaps this is the time for you husband to find a new challenge, a new opportunity that will bring him greater job satisfaction or allow him to find his dream job. Of course right now it is hard to see this as an opportunity, and I don't mean to diminish the situation or it's impact on your life...but when the time comes to get our there and find the next job take some chances, apply for any and all jobs that are of interest, regardless of what the qualifications are because you never know and have nothing to lose! In the meantime, enjoy your holiday and try to forget lifes stresses at the airport. I'm sure a week together will remind you of what life is truly all about, and that the two of you, and the love you share, will get you through is key and it sounds like he has that in you. I believe we will be there the same time as yourselves so we will keep an eye out for you and live for the moment!


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    Quote Originally Posted by goodygirl View Post
    My hubby and I are all set to go to csa in 17 days for the first time. We are both so excited. So it is with a heavy heart on my 33rd birthday that I am writing to my mb friends just to vent. My hubby lost his job last night. He worked for the company for 15 years and we are both in a state of shock. Still going on our vacation, since it is all paid for and all. And before you ask, yup we are from Michigan. I know that he will find another job and that we will be okay, but I have been crying all night and day today. God is good and I know that he has a plan and it is my job to sit patiently and watch while he works.
    ....Sorry to hear about the lost job. Been through that before. Not fun. But as you said; "God has a plan". Enjoy your trip, and worry about it when you get home. Go to "Youtube", and find Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds".

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