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    Night Snorkeling, has anyone tried it. We go on all the day snorkling trips but have never tried night snorkeling. I was wondering what all do you see and if it is a little scary??
    We will be there May 8th - May 12th, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've never done.... but I've heard its fantastic! I've also heard it can be a bit disconcerting and disorienting, and more of a huddled group activity (don't want those tourists straying in the dark, now do we?).

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    I did it once at CSA. It's interesting and you'll see quite a few creatures that only come out at night. The downside is if there are too many people on the boat, it gets too crowded in the water and you end up banging around and seeing very little.

    Go, but try to go on a night when there are only 4 or 6 people going.
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    We went in October. It wasn't as eerie as I thought it would be. And Chris is right; they kept everyone in a close-knit group, so you got kicked abit with other snorkelers. My husband and I tried to stay back a bit. It was pretty cool; would I do it again? Hmmm...probably not. But it was interesting to try it once.

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    We did it a few years ago at CN and it was great! We saw an octopus, turtle, sea snake, lobster, and lots of other little critters. I didn't find it scary at all because you pretty much stay huddled as a group.

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    Everyone I have ever talked to that has done this loved it, but you have to be a brave soul with an adventurous spirit. Not for me. I'm afraid of things that go bump in the night especially in the water... lol

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    Is there a light or something? I just have no concept of what would be going on since it gets so darn dark out in the water when there is no moon. From the shore it looks dark even when there is a moon!

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    I went and it was see totally different things than you do during the day. We saw squid, a puffer fish, octopus, a crab (its name is slipping my mind), fish...etc. It was not scary at all. Go and have fun

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    We did night snorkeling when we were at CTI in December. We stayed together as a couple and shared one handheld lamp that projected light down to the reef. It is a very different feel in the dark for sure. The main thing we saw at night that we did not see during the day were spiny lobsters. Their eyes literally glowed in the light of our underwater lamp,and then they would typically scurry for cover as we got close. I think one couple in our group saw a squid or something similar. I would not call night snorkeling a "must-do", but if you are really into snorkeling, this is a rather unique and memorable experience that you are likely to enjoy.

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    Hubby and I did it in summer of 2008. Very fun and got to see lots of cool stuff. Did it once and no strong desire to do it again. The down side - there were 4 couples total and two guides - because it is dark you have to stick together so the guides know where everyone is - you will get kicked and pushed around a little. it was fun and I receommend you try it at least once!

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    My husband did it last Oct.. He said it was wonderful

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    I did it in September with a friend. We had about 15 to twenty people maybe in our group. I did not get kicked around. We did have a group that was screwing around with their girlfrineds pulling on each other so we stuck with one of the guides and saw everything. And yes they give you a light. I'll do it again but would not pay to do it every night. It was fun and you saw different marine life. Still looking for a shark. Maybe next year!

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    We did the night snorkeling at CN in December. It was really fun!

    I'm a big chicken and was reluctant to go, even though I enjoy snorkeling in the daytime, but once we got in the water everything was fine.

    They only do the night snorkeling if they have more than 2 people so we asked one day on the morning snorkel cruise and another couple decided to sign up for the night snorkel with us. It was just the four of us and our guide.

    We all had lights to carry in the water with us and we stuck together and followed our guide who showed us all the cool stuff and kept us together so there was no fear about drifting off in the dark or getting lost or anything.

    I agree with the other poster who said that it wasn't a "must do" but we had fun and I'd do it again.

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    I definitely want to do this, altho we may wait until CN to go for it, being we're already up to our eyeballs with stuff to do at CTI.

    But I also agree that we would need to stick really close by everyone when it comes to any water activity at night, even snorkeling. Anyone see Open Water?

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    We had a great time in Sept doing this. Cost was like 70 or something like that! Also just a warning...I had a blast but at the end of it...I got sick! Ewww! We didn't even drink any alcohol that day either. the waves and the dark to light with someone flashing their light in your face every now and then. But I am the only one who got sick out of like a group of 14 or so. And as soon as we got back on the boat I was fine.
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    It is awesome! Try it! You see more critters walking around at night. It is a little like a haunted house but fun!

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