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    Default lap band question

    ok, I had lap band 3 years ago and have flown many times since.
    Now since the new xray machines have been instituted has anyone with any implants (ie total joint replacements, lap bands etc..) had any problems?
    I have a small lamenated card with a miniature xray of my lap band with the surgeons name and number on the back.
    On xray it will probably show up as looking like I swallowed something. Didn't want security to think I was trying to smuggle.
    Any body else came accross this or know someone that has flown recently?
    Thanks, Kim

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    they TSA is very aware of different procedures done and what they will look like. Do not worry carry your card with your Dr info and you will be fine. ST

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    I have a total knee replacement and I get secondary inspection EVERY TIME I travel. Never a problem. Just inconvenience. I have no card or anything from the Dr.

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    Default lapband

    My name is Carolyn and I have an appt. Wednesday with a surgeon about the lapband. Will you please e-mail me and give me your thoughts on the surgery. I am so torn with what to do. I was already approved by my insurance late last year, but I just didn't go thru with it. I was going to take care of the sitution by myself, so here I am; a few pounds heavier than I was then and feeling so frustrated. I would appreciate hearing from you. My e-mail address is

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    Default lap band

    Carolyn, I emailed you.

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