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    Default CTI and CSA Room Help?

    Hi all. My fiance and I will be honeymooning at CTI and CSA (first timers!) and would love advice on rooms. We are considering a Deluxe Ocean Room at CTI and an Ocean Verandah Suite at CSA, but after running the numbers, this is a little beyond our budget for our 13 day trip. We are thinking of staying a few less days or downgrading the rooms. Has anyone experienced the less expensive rooms and found them to still be great? Or are there any less expensive rooms that we should avoid? We do want this to be special and appreciate a nice room, so we're torn about downgrading or less days. Thanks for your help!

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    I say downgrade the room and stay longer. Atrium Suites at CSA are the second cheapest and they are very romantic. They are private ( only 4 in a building) , have a wonderful deck with hammock, and a shower that can fit 2!

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    I LOVE the atrium suites. They are the best! We are so lucky that we love those rooms because they are very low on the price list. I think once you are there you will agree that staying longer is worth getting a less expensive room. I love everything about that room though so "upgrading" would be a downgrade for me. They have windows on all sides so you get a great breeze, the shutters are beautiful and the room is very private. You don't share a wall with anyone. The balconies are awesome and there are beautiful plants and flowers surrounding the room. It seems more like a private bungalow than a hotel room. There is really nothing hotel about it other than housekeeping! We could see the ocean from our room. It wasn't a full view but we could see it between the trees. Some of the other rooms could see it better I am sure. Some probably couldn't see it at all. I could hear it at night though. I think that if you get an atrium room you will not be disappointed!

    I would not be a fan of the garden suite but I would like it over not going at all! They are on the outside of the resort so they are closer to the road. The balcony is not large and you could be in an interior room with other rooms on both sides. Even if you get a corner room you still share a wall.

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    Downgrade and stay longer!!! We've stayed in the lowest room categories and they are still great. In all honesty, you won't spend as much time in your room as you think!
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    I guess I'll be the contrarian here and say that the right room can make or break your honeymoon. We had a BFS at CSA in 2008, and it was about as perfect as a room can get. We enjoyed sitting on our verandah each night, having a drink and watching couples walk by below us, or watching the sunset, or just watching the waves roll in.

    At CTI, we had booked an Ocean Jr. Suite but were disappointed with the room we were initially given (it directly overlooked the main pool). We requested a room change, and within 30 minutes we had an AWESOME room in block 3 that looked out onto Tower Isle. I swear we were ready to move in make it our new home.

    We also liked having the minibar available, because there's nothing nicer when you're on vacation in a tropical climate and being able to enjoy a cold drink before bed, or waking up to a cold can of fruit juice or soda.

    I think you shouldn't get too focused on your "budget" when it's your honeymoon (within reason, of course). Let's say you spend an extra $100 per night than you'd budgeted for. If it gets you a room that makes your trip unforgettable, I say it's worth it.

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    I can't speak in terms of experience, as we've yet to set foot in Jamaica. But I can tell you that early on we were initially going with pricier rooms, but after reading so many posts from the good folks in here stating how happy they were with the lower priced accomodations, then doing some quick math, we realized that by going this route, we could extend our stay by an additional two days for just $130 This was too good to pass up, so that's what we did.

    I always say do what makes you happy, and if that means booking a more expensive room or suite, then go for it. But if you're on a strict budget and want to max your stay, then by all means look into the lower category rooms, which will allow you to stretch that budget. Good luck.

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    Thanks so much you guys! I'm booking tomorrow and am soooo excited! I'm sure I'll post again soon for more tips. I love these message boards and feel so great about our choice because Couples clearly has a ton of loyal fans. I can't believe I hadn't heard of Couples until last month... Thanks again!

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