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    Default Anyone going April 3rd-8th?

    Hello All! My sweetie and I will be there next weekend, and are sooo excited! Vacationed at Couples Negril twice, and thought we would give Swept Away a try. We do plan to go Au Naturel, and we will be the couple with the smooth, brown butts! LOL

    We look forward to this resort, the fabulous staff, and all the wonderful vacationers too.

    Jamaica.... here we come!

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    CSA is the only Couples without any AN areas so you will be out of luck. You will have to get a day pass and go back to CN.

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    If I read your post correctly, that you're going to CSA, you might not be doing much in the way of AN... unless you're planning to journey to CN most days. There are no AN facilities and CSA... but I'm sure you will still have a fabulous time at Swept Away.


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    Thanks for the info. May see if we can switch!

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