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    Default Which resort for honeymooners?

    Son is getting married in August. Gonna give he and his new bride a vacation at one of the Couples Resorts as a wedding gift. They both are beach lovers, just want to spend some time togrther in a quiet romantic setting. Any recommendations as to which one I should book? Thanks for the help!

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    This is a tough one, not knowing more about your son and future daughter in law.

    Beachlovers makes me want to tell you CN or CSA for the beach, but having been to CN, CSA, and CSS, for a honeymoon, I feel CSS is by far the most romantic. If I were to send my own daughters knowing what they each like, I would send one to CSS and one to CN..... CN being more lively than CSS.

    Look at the pics of the resorts in here, go to Tripadvisor, and look at the traveller pictures in there, and see which resort includes what. For example CSS offers Dunns River Falls, but not a Catamaran Booze Cruise, where CN has the Cat Cruise but not Dunns River. See what seems to fit your son, and go from there. There is no perfect answer, each resort is differnt but wonderful in it's own unique way.

    Congratulations to your son, and his bride on their upcoming wedding!

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    CSA has the best beach IMO! Been there 3 times in cluding weddingmoon and saving for trip # 4.We went to CSS last year and as we were aware of the small beach there, we had a nice time and the place is gorgeous, service and food are outstanding! We didn't like the beach at all.CSA wins hands down if you want a nice beach and more freedom.

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    CSA if they're into the beach! Like sportygal said, we've been to CSS and it is very pretty, but the beach is lacking. If they're looking for a great beach, they should look to the Negril side.

    What a great dad you are to give that kind of present!

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    CN also has a great beach. The differences b/t CSA and CN beaches are that CSA is on 7-Mile Beach, meaning you can walk and walk and walk and it is, I believe, much longer than the one at CN.

    CN is on Bloody Bay and is fairly deep so that it's never crowded even when the resort is full. The upside is that, for water sports, you have a great cove that forms almost a natural boundary. Also, there are only 4 resorts on the bay so there aren't lots of people from other resorts wanderign by. The downside is that you can only walk about a mile total in one direction.

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    If they are truely beach people, one of the Negril resorts will suit them best. If they are the adventurous type and like to strike out on foot, SweptAway would be the better of the two Negril resorts.

    Though I've never been, the OchoRios resorts seem to have the edge in terms of elegance (from what I've read).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    CSA! CSA! CSA! Best beach. It was featured on a travel channel show as being on the 17th most sexy beach. CSA ROCKS

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    I just got back from my honeymoon at CN.

    The beach is really nice. Catamaran Cruise was also a big highlight for us as well as the weekly bonfire (really romantic)

    However - and I don't know if this is just the case for all all-inclusive resorts - but the crowd was a bit too much on the older side for our taste. There were only a handful of couples our age on the resort.

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