Sunday afternoon. It's cold and windy outside. To cold to ride the bike. I suppose if I really wanted to do some yard work, I could put on my hoody and my gloves. Drag out the rakes and barrels and get a head start on spring cleaning. It is, after all, spring.
This season was one of my mother's favorites. She always looked forward to the new buds on the trees, the tiny blades of grass shivering in the still cold early afternoon. She told me how much she liked Mother Nature. How amazing it was to her that after such harsh winter conditions here on the east coast and other horrific weather conditions around the world, spring always came back. Year after year after year. She said it always gave her a warm reassuring feeling to see life begin again. She thought people could also come back from harsh or painful times.

I too always loved the spring season. I was never a big fan of winter. Cold, wet, dark, slushy winter. No I definitely like warm. Spring is a season of emergence. For plants and animals as well as us people folk.
From the still frozen soil, struggling to break through the darkness of the dirt, finally comes tiny purple harbingers of another new beginning. The crocus are usually the first to arrive on the scene. Then come the daffodil. Sending out their long thin green stems, and with increasingly warm days, burst forward with their bright yellow trumpet looking flower. Even in years when there is still snow on the ground, Mother Nature can not be denied. She sends forth these early gifts of spring and they have always made it through to the light.

Well, sure enough, the warming trend we call spring has begun. Each new day will last just a bit longer than the one before. Each day will become increasingly warmer, moving on toward summer. And most importantly of all, each day will bring us that much closer to our own spring rebirth and ritual. We're going home. A most satisfying thought.

I can see by the calendar over my left shoulder, that today is Sunday the 28. There is also another number in that space. Fifteen. The number of days before we leave. I can't help but smile when I look at it. I take in a huge "cleansing breath" and slowly exhale. On the outside I give the illusion of being calm. Of being in charge. Never revealing the true anxiety and overwhelming excitement that was coursing through my brain.
However, on the inside it is all becoming a very frenetic growing mass of energy that begins to take on a life of its own. By next week, my expertly crafted facade will begin to show signs of imminent failure.

I gladly endure all the anguish and the pain, the incredible anticipation and excitement. It is all part of the divine Couples experience. You can begin to enjoy your time there week, months, perhaps years before you ever arrive. One way that you can do that, is to discover the message board.

This then will begin to provide a daily, or possibly hourly, access to "ATC". All Things Couples" This is of tremendous importance because the MB fills the gap between the time we actually get on the plane, and the long days, weeks and months that we just keep thinking about it. I truly can't imagine where we, or any of us would be without our electronic umbilical cord. It assists us to sustain strength and patience throughout the day to day drudgery we call life.

Once we are secure in knowing that we are indeed tuned in to the "Couples Connection Channel, we march off to our daily assignments with a newly discovered inner strength. A smile on our face and feelings bubbling to the surface that we haven't felt since you were kids. Absolute freedom to play and have fun. Laughing. Fooling around. Being silly. No guilt. No pressure. No stress. No baggage. No problems.

I'm very happy to see the new season arrive. In its infancy we can see great things to come. It is very comforting and reassuring. Just the way we feel each time we return home.

So for now, I am able to absorb as much as I may require from my invisible space age attachment to "ATC". I'm taking small daily doses that supply my system with just enough reinforcement and the promise of things to come. Renewal time.