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Thread: March or June?

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    Default March or June?

    My husband and I are trying to decide to visit Couples Negril in March or June. We've been told that Negril is cold in March but rainy in June. Is this true? Any input from anybody who's been to Negril during these times would be appreciated!

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    We were just there in March and it was uncharacteristically windy but the sun was hot. I prefer May because the water is a bit cold for me in March - we live in Florida though so that does make a difference.

    Summer is rainy season but generally we have found standard afternoon showers then the sun is back out, just like we have here at home.

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    We just returned from CN March 21. Weather was warm, we were at the beach every day. We chose March because lobster is in season, we get it at CN Friday nights or everyday at the “Office of Nature” which is a short walk down the beach.

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    I've never thought the water was cold in March, April or May, but I come from Colorado. I've never needed a sweater either. Yes, June is part of rainy season, but very rarely do people get rained out.

    Do remember that March is still high season so the price will be significantly more expensive in March than June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    Do remember that March is still high season so the price will be significantly more expensive in March than June.
    Case in point: by booking our 11 nite trip after April 4th (for which the June rates would also be applicable) instead of in March, which we were once considering, we saved almost $1000.

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    Coloradojuli is right. Depending on where you are coming from, you could save as much as $1000 going in June (I sound like a Geico commercial). We've gone in February and March when we were just rookies. Now we wait it out and go in April when the price drops. We booked our CSA trip for April 14th and it turned out to be $753 cheaper than if we went 2 weeks earlier. You can buy a lot of lobster dinners for $753.

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    We have been two times to Negril in June with no big problems with rain. It might rain for a short time in the afternoon, but it's never an all day thing. We are going this time in May.

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    June is a great time to go. Occasionally an afternoon shower, but it passes quickly and then the sun comes back out.

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    My husband and I got married at CSA in March of '08 and were never anywhere near cold. We had the AC blasting in our room, laid out in the sun everyday, never wore anything so much as a long sleeved shirt...etc.

    We have our next trip planned for June so I can tell you how that goes when I get back.

    I think either month is a pretty safe bet though. Paradise is paradise.

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