Let me start by saying this was our first trip to Couples Swept Away and I mean we were SWEPT!! I have been home two day after a week there and I have not stop talking about it. We took 1,700 photos not including the pictures from the photo shoot. We had the time of our lives NO CRUISE CAN TOUCH THIS AT ALL. We celebrated our 25th anniversay there and we are already making arrangements to return again. This place is Paradise with a capital "P"
The staff was the best ever. Kudos to you all. Neisha has a beautiful voice and Tristine has a wonderful smile. The staff is very friendly and very socialable. I want to move on the Island.If I truely tried to thank them all I would NEVER get off the computer. Thank you from the resort at the airport to the ride back to the airport. I rate you 100% time one billion. Keep doing what you all do.