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    Default Couples Negril OceanView or Beachfront Room?

    We are probably booking Couples Negril for Dec. 2011. Any opinions on which room category we should consider?
    Deluxe Ocean Room or
    Deluxe Beachfront Room

    Have these rooms been recently renovated?

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    We love the Beachfront room. The views of the ocean are much better. Some of the Ocean view rooms are blocked by shrubbery. We have been in Building 6 so far.

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    Honesty u will find that you will not be in your room much but to sleep. All the rooms are fantastic. The garden view is besutiful, save yourself a little $ and get the cheapest and spend the rest on souviners and extra excursions you may want to do!

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    All rooms at CN have been recently renovated. I'd save my money and book an ocean view. The view for those two different rooms really isn't that much different. And to be really honest, I'd save my money and book a garden view room. You really aren't in your room very much and CN is so compact that there isn't a bad room in the house and nothing is far from anything.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Thanks everyone for your advice.
    I have to say this board and all you folks rock!

    We are probably booking before the promotion runs out - for $500 room credit and the room upgrade - so more than likely will go for the deluxe ocean given it will be the same price as the garden

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    We have stayed in both ocean and garden views and they are both beautiful. The first time we stayed in a beach view room they stuck us at the nude beach which was too far away from everything. We found that location was more important than the view. Afterall, you really can't have a bad view. You are only in the room to sleep and shower anyway. Save the extra money to stay longer

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    We have been in 7, 7, 9, 4, 2 and 2. Building 2 has been our favorite, but not much time spent there anyway.

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