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    Default Flowers in room after check in?

    I would like to be a bit romantic and have some fresh flowers or roses delivered to our room for my wife. It would be nice if they would be waiting in the room when we arrived, but since your room is not assigned until you check in I don't think that would be possible? Has anyone else done this? If so, how??

    17 days until we are home at CN.

    Thanks for any help!

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    My husband had flowers waiting foe me at Feathers one night. It was so sweet of him. Good call. But I think you're right about the room, so maybe they can be delivered shortly after you arrive?
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    Have them delivered with the turn down service so they are there when you get back from your first dinner

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    I wish hubby would do this for me! Alas, I will do it for myself

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    Sherm, check out this link, there are many options available and they are not just for Honeymooners.

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    Default Yes... I had flowers delivered...

    I actually had flowers delivered to our room with a card to my husband. I did this with my TA, about a month before we arrived at CSA. When we arrived and I checked in, they told me which room we were in. I asked them when they thought the flowers would arrive and they said they would be there when we first walked in the room. Mind you, they also said our room was not ready and that we should grab a bite to eat and come back to the lobby and our room should be ready.
    Guess what, our room was ready in about 45 minutes. They took us to our room and low and behold the flowers were in the room.
    Actually, my husband walked right past them, he thought that was just something that was done for all rooms, until I showed him the card.
    He really loved the flowers and they lasted almost our whole week.

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    How sweet and romantic of you to think of sending flowers to your wife!

    It was our anniversary when we we at CSS and I ordered one of the Romance Packages that included a tropical flower arrangement and champagne waiting in our suite upon arrival plus a private dinner. Although rooms aren't assigned until arrival, somehow the flowers and champagne were waiting for us--plus the vouchers for the private dinner and gift shop credit!

    All I did to arrange this was to "click" on the Contact Us link on the website, and the wonderful staff at Couples sent me a list of amenities that I could choose from---at an additional cost.

    I hope this helps!
    Have a wonderful time!

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    Check out the "Honeymoon" Link. There are romance packages available. This is from that site.

    Fresh flowers in room upon arrival
    $50 gift certificate for choice of spa treatment
    $25 gift certificate towards gift shop

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    Sign up for the private beach dinner too. It’s a very romantic time and a nice surprise.

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