I am just sat looking out of the window at an extremely miserable cold day of rain, cloud and more rain....the weather here in the UK is terrible....it's supposed to be the start of British Summertime!?

However....this time in 7 days i will be packed and counting down the hours until i have to leave for the airport with my boyfriend....it seems so far away...even though we have waited since September for this holiday....and i sure need a holiday being a teacher!!!

I am so excited about getting to CTI i can't focus on anything else...such a shame its only for a week. Oh well...can't be too greedy....i'm making sure my holiday starts the minute i wake up next Thursday and try and enjoy every second of the gruelling trip time from leaving my home in London to stepping into CTI....i'm thinking that's going to be at least 16 hours....that Red Stripe better be waiting for us at the other end!!!

So, here's to next Thursday....i'm so excited i want to scream!!!! maybe see you there!!! x