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    Default Beach Party at CSA

    We're heading down to CSA next month for our wedding & honeymoon. We wanted to do something fun with everyone that's going to be there with us and I keep hearing that the Friday night Beach Party is something not to miss. Does anyone out there have any details about it a bbq type thing or just a big beach party. We're counting the days!

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    The beach party at CSA is truly an event. They have dozens of large round tables set up all along the beach. It is more of a buffet than a BBQ. There are stations for salads, breads, entrees, side dishes, desserts, coffee drinks. Then there is entertainment. Just be sure to spray liberally with "Off" or a similar product, since the sand fleas can be quite aggressive.

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    I'm really looking forward to beach party. It was rained out last time we were there. It was nice inside Palms, but I heard it's not the same.

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    Lanerns strung up around the beachside dining room, stage set up for performers, fire limbo dances, musical chairs jamaican stlyle, a little reaggae and some dance lessons.

    Barfoot on the beach with Jamaica on one side and the ocean on the other.....need I say more.

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    OK. Clearly, I'm in the minority here, but we have never liked the beach party. You end up at a larger table with other people that may or may not have anything in common with you, eating in the dark, standing in long lines at the buffets.

    At CSS, we engineered a table with some other couples that we met there, and had a great time at the beach party, but when we have randomly allowed Couples to assign us to a table, we've never had fun. Sorry. We now make reservations at Feathers that night.

    Just as a side note: we are NOT anti-social while at CSA. (DH is truly a social butterfly, and we always have a couple of nights where we eat with other couples that we have met while there....) I guess the beach party just isn't our "bag." Plus we like to eat later while in Jamaica, and by the time we get to the beach party, the buffets are picked over, and we end up at a table at the far perimeter.

    With a large group, though, i think it would be a blast!

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    thank you everyone for your responses! this sounds exactly like something we'd want to more question, what time does it usually start? i know schedules change, but just a ballpark time would be great! thank you again and for the tips about the bug spray!

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    Beach party was GREAT! We went there after dinner, for the show, but the Palms restaurant has their dinner outside that night for the party! The Showtime presentation started at 9 I think. Need to get there early to get good seats, so eating there is probably the right decision.

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