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    Default New to the boards, Hello and quick question?

    Hello everyone

    We are new to the boards, and I have a quick question, but will return later.

    We were married in Ocho Rios 16 years ago, this coming July. Planning to return and interested in the one bedroom ocean suites at Couples TI....hey, after 16 years we earned a special room!

    any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    If you want a special room for your return to Ocho Rios, think about a Penthouse Suite @ CSS. CSS is the most romantic resorts of all the Couples resorts and the Penthouse suites and views to die for and are huge two room suites with large walk in showers. Some have a 2nd bathroom and jacuzzi tubs. They all have enormous balconies

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    The one bed suite at CTI is nice but from the sound of it the junior suites are really good and they are less money. You wont go wrong with CTI eaither way.

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    Default are the junior suites oceanfront or ocean view, and what floors?

    We would really like a oceanfront suite preferably ground floor. but will settle for 2nd floor. I just love the idea of walking out my room a few feet from the beach, but If not a great view would be nice.

    I read that the jr suites are fairly large, so if thats the case, and to save money we would go with that.

    thanks agains for your help

    PS the person that suggested CSS, it looks like a great hotel, but couples TI offers the horseback riding which my husband loves to do

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    Just to avoid disappointment on your part, I'm pretty sure that none of the rooms at CTI allow you to step out of the room and be on the beach. I think that even the first-floor suites have a balcony rather than a patio and sit above beach level. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    The only resort that has rooms that sit right on the beach and that allow you to step off of your patio and directly onto the beach is CSA in Negril.
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