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    Default Calling All 2011 March Maniacs!!

    Welcome to April! We are now at less than a year till CSA!!
    Any Repeaters? Anyone new? Let's get this thread started and keep it going until March.

    BlondeHawaiian!!! Sorry we missed you....There was no way Todd was climbing any stairs to the piano bar that night....too many Bob Marleys!! Luckily I was the DW that night (Designated Walker)

    Love and RumRuners to all!!


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    Wedding booked for March 3 at CSA! The countdown is on!

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    Hey Penny.....omg....I thought we had missed you. Our dinner went later than we thought it would. We showed up, but you guys weren't there!

    I've booked next year alreay....
    CN - March 9-13, 2011
    CSA - March 13-20, 2011

    When are you guys going?


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    I'm so glad you told me that you didn't make it to the piano bar. We arrived late and thought that we missed you guys! Sounds like you had a good time at CSA.
    We have booked already!

    Couples Negril - March 9-13,2011
    Couples Swept Away - March 13-20,2011

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    Kim (BlondeHawaiian)--

    OK here's the deal: I booked CN for 3/4-3/11, however I am already second guessing myself because we just loved CSA SO MUCH. I think to myself, "What if I get to CN and I find myself missing CSA?" What hard decisions we must make, such internal battles

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    OK heres what I am going to do: Im going to call the phone they want you to call with any changes/cancellations and I am switching my vacation to:

    3/2-3/5 at CN
    3/5 - 3/12 at CSA

    This way I can still take advantage of the deal they're running and I'll get the best of both worlds. Plus-Since I'll be a repeater, we can come visit you at CN while you're there.....I gotta play that drinking game of yours!!!

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    You will have to come and visit us at CN or we will miss eachother again!

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    What are your dates March 3 - ?

    Penny - let me know your dates once you've confirmed.

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    Mike & Tammie

    CN 3/21-3/25
    CSA 3/25-3/28

    CSA Dec 2008
    CTI Feb 2008

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    Hey Tammie....nice to see you again!

    New spreadsheet!

    Attachment 6305
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    Sorry we missed you, but we just got so tied up in being together that we didn't get to any of the scheduled events....we are heading back March 2011, I am just waiting on confirmation of our school break. It was by far the best holiday that we ever had!!!!

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    We're arriving at CSA on February 28, wedding March 3, and depart March 7.

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    Updated spreadsheet!
    Attachment 6370
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    So far, no overlaps...then again, we have nearly a year to fill that sheet up LOL!

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    321 more day for me Carrie! LOL

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    Scot & Suzanne

    Trip #10 to CSA

    Feb. 24th thru March 5th.

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    OK, KIM-
    Trip is booked for 3/4-3/11 at CSA....we'll do a day pass for CN and visit. We are going to CN this August 16-21. We're spending our children's inheritance this year,lol.

    Home to CSA 3/4-3/11/2011

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    How lucky you get to go in August to CN! Have a great time.

    I've updated the spreadsheet! Only 309 more day for me!

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    March 2011 seems really far away...LOL. CSA is booked, airfare is booked, and I've done everything I can for my wedding, now I have nothing to do but wait! Oh and save money because I've spent some that I don't have yet haha!

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    Counting down the days...for Craig & Kim 279 more days until Jamaica!!!

    Updated Spreadsheet!Attachment 7072
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    Thanks for the updated spreadsheet, I always look forward to seeing it!


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    Default Feb 28-March 6

    We are renewing our vows (20 years) March 2nd at 4pm! Can't wait, this is our first time there.

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    Welcome cynthia.....what is the name of your other half? Congrat's on 20 years. My husband and I have been married for 28yrs. You will love Jamaica!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carrie&corey View Post
    We're arriving at CSA on February 28, wedding March 3, and depart March 7.

    Hello!!! I am cynthia and my husband is stephen. We arrive the same day as you and we leave March 6th. We renew our vows March 2nd! Looking forward to meeting you. Will be fun! Sincerely, Stephen and Cynthia Torres, Ponchatoula, Louisiana

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    Default Can't wait to meet everyone!!!!

    We are first timers visiting 2/28-3/6 renewing vows 3/2 at 4pm. Sincerely Cynthia and Stephen Torres

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