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    We discovered the free tennis lessons on our last trip and enjoyed those. I was just wondering if anyone has done the tennis clinics? What are they like? What about the round robin?

    Thanks ahead of time for the tips and info

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    As with their visiting fitness instructors, SweptAway also brings in visiting tennis instructors. They also, I believe, have a resident professional instructor.

    We haven't played in years... but we have always been impressed with the facility at SweptAway, and its obvious that this would be an outstanding tennis center if it were located anywhere in the world. A visit to the Sports Complex will make it obvious that this is the place to vacation if you enjoy sun, surf, beach and tennis (racquetball and squash, too).

    We've also noticed that the tennis facilities are pretty underutilized.

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    When we were there in late Jan/early Feb the tennis courts were being used a lot. It all looked very serious - people with their own rackets and all the kit!! We like the occasional knock about but are not tennis players. We borrowed rackets and asked for a court away from everyone else so that they didn't get bothered by our inability to hit the ball properly and our hysterical laughing at each other! We had fun doing that but didn't feel brave enough to go to a class or clinic as everyone else seemed to be so good already!

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    We took lessons with the resident instructors in Feb. it was excellent. We love the tennis facilities at CSA.

    We didn't do a clinic there however, but I saw a few going on, seemed like that had quite a few participants.

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    We actually go to CSA primarily for the tennis. While there, we make a point of attending the clinics and also playing in the round robins. The visiting pro - usually from the US - handles two morning clinics in the morning and one in the afternoon and also runs the round robin. The clinics are listed as being for beginners, intermediates and advanced, but in actuality, everyone usually attends all three. The pro is usually able to sort out the group so no one feels out of place. The round robins mix everyone up randomly and are lots of fun. It's a great way to meet some really neat people. In eight visits, I've never felt unwelcome in any of the tennis groups. Try it, you'll like it. By the way, the organized tennis is Monday through Friday. You also have the permanent tennis staff of pros available for private lessons any time!

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    Can someone who has never played get basic instruction and a little one on one attention as to the basics?

    I was looking forward to this when I go in May but now I am not so sure --I dont want to be a dumb dumb who doesnt even know how to hold the racket. I am not very physically inclined but not totaly incapable either.

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    Resident pros at CSA will work with you at whatever level you happen to be. Try attending the beginner class (usually held in the early afternoon) and you will be introduced to the basics by the visiting pro. Then, schedule time with one of the resident pros to work on what you've learned...usually a 30 minute session will be of great benefit. Lots of people "learn" tennis while on vacation at CSA. You won't be the first.

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Francine, I would recommend doing a private lesson with one of CSA's tennis pros. This way, you won't feel uncomfortable a group setting if others have more experience than you.


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    The resident pros are great to learn with (as are the visiting pros). The clinics are also a great way to learn. I know what I should be doing on the tennis court just my execution doesn't always work out right. I have taken the beginner clinic at CSA (4pm) and twice I was the only one, once the pro had one advanced player join me, and once he had two other advanced players come and also two people showed up who had never played. By the end of the hour we were all hitting the balls back and forth over the net. I missed one day due to the catamaran cruise.
    On a separate trip, I did not do any of the clinics but just worked with one of the resident pros (1/2 hour sessions you book at the sports check-in desk).
    CSA is definitely the place to go if you are interested in playing or learning tennis while you are on vacation.

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