Randy on several recent posts tipping has been coming up as standard at CSA and CTI. My wife and I have been coming to Couples for the last 15 yrs and will be returning from a long 3 yrs becouse of a new baby and mult other reasons but please respond to these aligations on the Pinned Board.

I have attached a qoated post for an example:

Too bad KandJ - maybe you should try CSA. While there is tipping there, we haven't noticed ppl with their hands out, and it is really a beautiful resort with maybe a bit more sophisticated restaurant reservation system. I understand that Couples may not be your cup of tea, but if you do decide to recommend, please consider CSA....

One additional item that might be helpfull for the CTI lovers would be to post the new activities and resturant reservation system. It seems to have changed from the past and is different than every other Couples Resort.

Thank you very much
A loyal and refering Couple's couple.