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    Default June-comers! Csa!

    So who will be at CSA in JUNE?!?!?! we will be there in just 73 days, JUNE 13-20 staying in an Atrium suite. This will be our 3rd visit back. We are 27&28 yrs old and our names are Jenn & Chris from NJ. We are flying out JFK at 6:30am!!!! What time you think we should be at the resort? it's a non-stop flight!

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    check in on the meet up at couples thread for june to find out who will be there at the same time as yall

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    My hubby and I will be there on the 19th!

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    We will be there June 13th-17th. Flying from Charlotte arriving at 1130 in mobay. We are 36 and 37. this will be our third trip to couples- our second to CSA. Rick and Christina

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