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    Is lobster available in April? I saw somewhere that the lobster season ends in March...
    Andy & Meredith

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    Yes, what you saw was correct. Lobster is out of season April through June. However, it's possible that there could be some frozen lobster on the menu, though not guaranteed.
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    Lobster season did end March 31st, and starts up again in June or July. This is the creatures prime spawning time, and the don't allow their fishing to help protect the population.

    That being said, two things. First, there is plenty of outstanding food to be found at all the resorts on any night, even if its not lobster. And two, you may already know, but the lobster in the Caribbean is different than the Northern Atlantic (American lobster). Primarily, they don't have the claws their American cousins have, and personally, I think they taste a bit different.
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    Yup.... the li'l suckers gotta breed sometime... sorry...

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    Nope. No lobster in April or May. It's really OK, though. There are so many other wonderful foods, you won't even miss it. I promise. (Ok - maybe you'll miss it a LITTLE BIT, but it won't be nearly as bad as you're thinking right now!)

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    Sorry Andy, but the 2010 lobster catching season closes from April 1 until June 30 every year. 21 days later it will be illegal for persons to have lobsters, in whole or part, in their possession. Anyone found with whole lobsters or lobsters parts will risk prosecution, fines and possible jail terms.

    Every time we go to CSA during the "blackout" (and I'm sure it's like that at the other resorts), we see at least one beach vendor a day walking past selling lobsters. They take a risk, & so do guests, if they're caught with them.


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    i go every May and i've never seen lobster

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    Thanks for all the replies - guess I'll just have to have an extra martini instead lobster...
    Andy & Meredith

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    I have to be honest Lobster is not the best food served at CSA its good but not the best food, please don't worry if it's out of will find plenty of other fantastic food on offer...

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    We depart for CTI & CN this Friday, and as I mentioned in previous threads, we're solving this issue by having a lobster dinner tomorrow nite. This way we'll have had our lobster and at the same time take joy in knowing that we saved almost a thousand benjies by booking our trip after lobster season ended.

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