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    Default CSA October 21-29th!

    Hello Everyone! My fiance and I are getting married at 10am on the 23rd of October this year. We are going with a group of friends & family, but are looking to make more friends! If anyone else is going those times please let me know!

    We can't wait to get there, the countdown is on. We are just at the 200 day mark & counting!

    We selected the 10am beach wedding due to the amount of posts saying it was much better, so hopefully everyone was right.

    Any suggestions on stuff "to do" while we are there, on or off the property is welcomed & please let me know if you plan on being there that week as well!


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    Hi Rachael, I may be booking the 11am October 23 wedding time slot. Did you check into the weather during October? I'm worried about rain. I was supposed to go in March, but looks like my hubby is sailing and I don't want to risk waiting longer for the wedding.

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    I got married this past OCt in CSS. Weather was fine. We had some showers at night but it almost always cleared up in the am.

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    Thanks river, from what I've been reading, it can rain everyday for a short period of time, no matter what month you're there.

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    We were married Oct 2008 at 11am. I was more worried about hurricane season than rain. Both worked out in our favor. It rained almost everyday we were there for about 90 minutes around the same time in the afternoon. It cleared up after that and everything was fine. It rained in our wedding day around 1pm but had stopped in time for us and our guest to go on the Cat cruise. Later that night we all had dinner at Feathers (we had a very small group). We scheduled a Negril highlights tour with an outside tour company as a gift for our guests that came with us (no one had been to Jamaica). The tour took us to different spots in Negril and we ended by watching the sunset at Ricks Cafe. There's so much to do on the resort until we didn't leave off again. Take advantage of the included activities. We waited until two days before we left to go snorkeling and was mad at ourselves b/c we enjoyed it so much. My husband mentioned that we're going to sign up and go as many times as possible this time. Congrats and enjoy. Try not to worry about the weather. You picked a good time for your ceremony.

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    Default October Wedding

    Hi, Congrats on the wedding. We will be there October 27-November 3. Our wedding is Oct. 29 at 10am. I cant wait. Praying for a sun-filled week.

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    Yeah for the most part I think since we are going at the end of October hurricane season should just be ending or just over. I'm more worried about wind. Never thought of that! Hope your wedding is great if you have it after me on October 23rd Carrie! I'm sure we will meet at some point if it ends up being the same day! Good luck to all your planning!
    Rachael Fisk

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    We will be there Oct 23-29 :-D

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    We are getting married Oct 20. We will be there from 17 to the 27th

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