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    Default Price Increase???

    We are planning to go to CN in Dec (12/27-1/3) with my best friend and her boyfriend but notice that the prices during this time are significantly higher. Has anyone else noticed this? We usually travel to Couples in October for my husband's birthday. Do any of you normally travel at this time and, if so, are these prices in line with what you normally pay?

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    The week after Christmas and over New Year's is their highest priced week. It's the most popular time for people to travel.
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    Those dates are absolutely the peak pricing for the Caribbean. October is the cheapest time to travel to the Caribbean.... so......

    Our anniversary is January 2nd and we have wanted to visit CSA on our anniversary, but the rates during that time period just don't make it worth our while. We opt to go instead in April or May (after the first price break) and just do a night or two close to home for our anniversary.

    Have a great trip!

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    Busy time = more money
    Huricane season = less money
    in general...

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    We go every December...and are in Jamaica for the First Day of the Jamaican Tourism Season - which starts the second weekend in December and runs through mid-April .
    It's a big deal there as Tourism is their livelihood. The first passengers to arrive at MBJ that day are met with TV cameras and prizes....(also, during this time, the local TV channel carries Jamaicans sending their Holiday wishes to friends/family living abroad )

    Not only do the room rates go up - you will see an influx in people anywhere you go and the resorts will be at full occupancy by the week of Christmas. LOTS of Europeans come at this time.

    It's the BEST time to go for- Christmas in Jamaica is very special.
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