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    Default best beachfront 1st floor suite?? CTI, CSA or CSS?

    after reading some of the reviews, and looking at each resort and suites, which resort between CSS, CSA and CTI offers the best beachfront suites??

    We literally want to walk out of our room and be steps from the beach if possible. I always wanted a room/suite like that!

    All of the resorts sounds fantastic, so I know whatever we choose will be fine in terms of service, food, etc., but I just want opinions on rooms?

    We were leaning towards CTI because of the horseback riding being included which is a huge plus, but we will consider the other two as well.

    P.S. my hubby also wants to know which resort offers the best nightlife? I am not that concerned about that, if the bar scene is fun and upbeat but not rowdy, it will suit me just fine.


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    The only one where you are literally on the beach is the Beachfront Suite and Beachfront Verandah suite at CSA. Breathtaking!

    Nightlife is what you make of it. At each resort, there's always something to do.
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    I second the Beachfront Suites and the Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA. The large porch in the Beachfront Suites is awesome, but the room does not have a TV ( but does have a minibar ). The Beachfront Verandah rooms have a TV and mini bar. If the best beachfront is what you want, then I do not suggest CTI, that is CSA.

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