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    Default December 2010 Honeymoon

    We just booked out honeymoon to Couples Negril for December 19-December 24th! I've never flown and I've never been to an all-inclusive resort! Please give me any details, special things to do, or just anything!! I'm kinda nervous about flying but so excited to be there...only 8 1/2 more months!!!

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    Pictures from our honeymoon in 2006.

    I highly recommend not over planning or being overly ambitious with your plans. Your wedding will likely be wonderful, but it will also be likely to leave you exhausted at the end of it. We had a two week honeymoon and we did absolutely nothing the first week. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. That was not the original plan, but just let me say ....It was wonderful!!! I can almost guarantee that the first few days you will only feel like laying out by the beach or pool. It is a great place to be...

    Load up on swimsuits, and limit the number of nice outfits to the bare minimum needed. We did the opposite. It was not the best plan.

    Go to the honeymooners party. Just go.

    Accept the fact that you will start making plans to return even before you have left.

    Don't worry about a 'ting!

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