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    My fiance and I are getting married at CSA February 12th, 2011. I know we still have lots of time, but of course my mind is wandering about our reception options. I am always looking at all the pictures of everyone elses weddings, but I noticed nobody really posts pictures of the reception/dinner. Do many people do the private reception on the beach? We will have about 15-20 guests. I am torn about just having dinner in the main dinning area or going with a more private option...And what are the decorations like that they do for you? Hope there is someone out there that can share some info and pictures! Thanks!

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    Congrats. I think more don't have a 'formal' reception. We decided not too for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons we choose a destination wedding was to save money so we didn't have anything extra (besides pics and flower upgrades). We only had six guests with us so they made dinner reservations for us for that night. We were married in the morning, changed and went on the Cat cruise that evening and dinner that night. I wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it all again. I'm sure some people have had the private reception and will be able to answer your questions and show you pics. The most important thing is to do what YOU want b/c it's your day. Enjoy!

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    I was at CSA last summer, and one night someone had gotten married and had a private dinner on the beach. It was absolutely beautiful! My fiance and i are getting married at CSA at the end of May 2010, and have decided to do a private dinner because our guests will have come a long way for our special event and we wanted to make sure that they have a very special time. We're having ~45 guests so it will be pretty expensive but we think it will be worth it. We felt like having dinner in the restaurant would be like any other day, and we want to make sure that we and our guests feel like this is not just another day.
    I can tell you from the wedding that we saw, the decorations are minimal, just some tiki torches and candles but minimal seems the way to go as a lot of decorations would have caused a distraction from the beautiful beach and sunset. I do think you could purchase flower centerpieces for a reasonable cost though.
    As for your question about the reception pictures, i noticed the same thing. My hypothesis is that most of the weddings don't include a lot of seems like the majority are just the couple and a few others (if any at all). So there's really not much of a reception beyond the cake cutting, which you will see photos of. Also, from what i understand if you get the photographer from the resort you will have their services long enough to take pictures of the ceremony, cake cutting and shots around the property. Around 1-1.5 hours. Others can speak to that though.
    Since our wedding is in < 2 months, i'll try to remember to post some pictures when we get home so that others can see what the reception looks like (we hired an outside photographer). I had the same questions as you and i know i would have liked to see some reception photos.
    Good luck with your planning!

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    Congratulations on your up coming wedding. I got married at CSA Nov 7, 2009. We had 14 guests, had a sunset beach ceremony, cold appetizer reception and dinner reservations for our entire party.

    I can tell you why I haven't posted any pics, it's not easy or i just haven't figured it out. You can't just post a picture from your files. But I do have reception photo's from my wedding and I think I have some from the wedding on Friday, the night before. I had made friends with Lindsay online and she even let me borrow her barefoot sandals. Long story, but you can email me direct, and I can send you some photo's.

    You can email me direct at
    Congrats again, and enjoy your time. The island is beautiful and the employee's will do whatever you need. I promise.

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