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    Default WIFI at CSS

    Can anyone tell me how the WIFI is at CSS? Do you get it in your rooms - we have a beachfront suite, will we have coverage?

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    Not sure if you have Wifi in the beachfront suites. We were in D block and had wifi most of the time.

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    Hi Demeter,

    We stayed in a penthouse suite in E block two months ago. There was no WIFI available in our room, but I have heard from others that it is available in other areas. Look around the message board - I'm pretty sure I've seen comments about it being available in/around the beachfront suites. When we wanted to use WIFI, we just walked a short hike up near the main lobby and WIFI was available all around the lobby.

    Honestly though, I'm so glad we didn't take a laptop - We would not have touched it. We only sought WIFI to make a couple of Skype calls on my iPhone. If you only need limited computer access, just use one of the four computers provided in the game room, just off the lobby.


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