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    Default Shopping in Negril?

    Hey, we're at CSA right now. Is it worth our time to go into negril to do some shopping for crafts, etc? We don't want tacky souvenirs but rather looking for some nice arts/crafts.

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    Try walking to the beach, turn left, then walk as far as you wish... might be the easiest and most pleasant way to shop Negril...

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    You can buy a lot from the vendors who come to the resorts on different nights.
    For wood carvings, see Jason McKenzie on Friday nights at the Beach Party. We've bought many pieces from him, and its all good quality, he wraps you purchases for you - and he is not pushy at all. Good guy.
    For some extra fine wood carvings, walk the beach to the west and stop at a shop owned by Bronzo - you will see him at work and get a chance to talk to a great artist and intersting man. ( He trained Jason too )

    If you are prepared to haggle and want to make deals, go to the Craft Market - by the roundabout in Negril.

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    if you are at Swept Away now there will be a day when preferred vendors set up shop on the resort. you can get carvings, paintings, and other items right there. the Negril tour will take you to some duty free shops, some craft fairs etc.

    we just buy from the vendors at the resort. and for an original item seek out Raybel on the resort. his hand painted t shirts are very durable and quite different than anything you will see elsewhere.


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    Hi JamieDianne,
    Welcome to CSA. If this is your first time in Negril you might want to go in once to see the town of Negril but IMO it's not worth the time. CSA has vendors that come on to the property everyday selling crafts. You will see them along the walkway to the Palms. From what I remember, Sunday is the only day they are not there. Also on one of the evenings (I think it's Friday)a couple of jewllery stores set up stands on the property. These are some of the best craft people and stores from the area. I perfer to shop from these people because they are honest and trustworthy sales people and I don't have to leave the security of the propery with money. They also don't harass you to buy from them. Having said that, make sure you bargan with them to get a good price. That's half the fun - but remember they need every $$ they make. Life can be tough in that paradice. They are feeling the effects of the recession too.

    Just ask at the front desk and someone will be able to tell you which days/evenings they will be there.

    BTW, how's the weather? We'll be there Saturday afternoon. Oh that feels to to say!!


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    Take the trip to the Negril Craft Market up the street across from CN.

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