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    Default Clothes Irons in BFVS at CSA?

    Is a clothes iron provided in the BFVS rooms at CSA? Thanks.

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    Irons and boards in all Couples rooms. I really wonder how often they get used? ;-)

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    All rooms have an iron and board.

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    iron and ironing board are available in your room.


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    Yes, every room at every Couples resort has an iron and an ironing board, in the closet.

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    There was an iron and an ironing board in our room when we were there last year.

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    Yes an iron and ironing board.

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    Caution, sarcasm ahead. Proceed with your sense of humor in full operation.

    Irons? Are you kidding? What kind of paradise would CSA be without irons? Not only do they provide very nice little irons, but a very sleek and compact board is available in all rooms at CSA. Please feel free to do as much ironing as you wish while on vacation. However, be careful not to do what I did and neglect your mate while satisfying your ironing jones. One other word of caution. Unless you are of a competent skill level to make such maneuvers an acceptable risk, do not try naked ironing. Leave this to the semi-professional, extreme ironing enthusiasts.

    Sarcasm has been disengaged, you may proceed with normal reading.

    Yes, irons are provided. Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    There sure is!

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