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    Do I need to bring my own hair dryer or is the one in the room good? Also how is the iron and ironing board in the room - will it suffice? Just want to make sure I am prepared! Please let me know...4 days and counting!! Woooohooo!!

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    The proived hairdryer is just fine unless you have really thick long hair
    They do provide a good iron and ironing board. We try to avoid bringing clothes that need to be ironed

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    The hairdryer in the rooms is like the ones at any hotel - small and attached to the wall. For me, it works perfectly, but I have fine, thin hair. If your hair takes a long time to dry, it might not be powerful enough. The iron and ironing board will be fine for your clothes.
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    My hair is very frizzy/wavy etc, I need my own blow dryer,. The ironing board and iron are good. Try ironing and rolling your clothes, they stay much better that way. Usually I just need slight touch up's if at all. I'm on vacation, don't want to iron if I can help it!

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    Thanks - I do have long thick hair, so I appreciate the feedback...!!

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