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    Default Can you change the resort after booking?

    Hi. Trying to talk hubby into booking our trip for Dec. 2011 with the current great rates/promotion.
    THIS Dec. will be our first time to a Couples - hard to know which one we would like to try in 2011.....Sans Souci again.....or try another Couples.
    Are we able to change the reservation after booking?



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    You can change but prices will be at whatever the current rate is when you change the booking.

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    if you book one resort and then decide you want to go to another, they will have you cancel your original reservations and then rebook your new resort... and yes, it will be at whatever the current price is when you change, and not the prices from
    your original booking. you will, however, get your full deposit and any money you've paid back as long as it's 46 days or more before your booked travel dates. 1800couples.

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    Thanks very much for the information!


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