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    We are needing help from seasoned CSS guest. Having been to CN the past 5 summers, we are considering going to CSS next summer to change things up a little. We are wanting to go ahead and book by April 15 to take advantage of the current promotions, but we are not sure which type of room may be the best. We do like a large patio and we would love to have the beautiful view of the ocean from up on the cliffs that we have seen on some of the pictures that have been posted. Can someone let us know which room type this would be? Any suggestions from those who have been to CSS would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    You are probably after a one bedroom oceanview suite. This comes with a large balcony bedroom is at the back though.

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    One Bedroom Ocean Suites ... Block G

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    The Ocean Verandah's are nice also

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