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    Default Vikki and Leo CSA 16th July 2010

    We are getting married at Couples Swept Away on Friday 16th July 2010.

    I am counting down the weeks before we fly out to paradise. This is our first time in Jamaica and we cannot wait. I come onto this site everyday to read the posts and look at the beautiful pictures of the wonderful place we will be staying.

    Vikki xx

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    Thank youxx
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    We are getting Married Thursday July 15th 2010 @CN.

    Do you have guest coming? anyone standing up in your wedding?

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    Congrats you all! My hunny will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary on July 15th (yay jennybenny) - can't wait to meet everyone!

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    I too am a first timer at Couples Swept Away and am getting married July 26, 2011!! This is my first time ever going out of the country, I can't wait!!!

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