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    Default Bob Marley's birthplace

    We will be visiting CSS (again!) at the end of May and would like to visit Bob Marley's birthplace/burial place. Can anyone tell me how long the trip is from CSS, and what the excursion costs?

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    We went on the Chukka tour and we arranged it through the tour desk at the resort. It was $90 per person if I recall correctly. A bus came to pick us up at about 8:30 or 9am and CSS was the first stop - then we picked up people at other resorts. That took 30-45 minutes. Then we met the Zion bus in Ocho Rios which is when the tour begins. The ride from there to Nine Mile was about an hour. We stopped on the way for a "free" beef patty and Red Stripe (not free, although they give you cups of rum punch or bottled water on the bus). On the way back from Nine Mile we stopped at the same spot as before and had a complimentary traditional Jamaican meal. The entire tour lasted from about 9am until about 3pm. It is pricey and takes a big chunk out of the day, but we thought it was fun and worth doing for sure.

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    Jealous you are going back to CSS! We went in October, and did the Zion Bus Tour excursion to Nine Mile, and found it well worth the time and the cost. The trip all together took about 6 hours, and I believe it was somewhere around $75 per person. We left around 9am, stopped at fabulous outdoor bar/snackshop (called Bumper Lawn) each way for food and drinks, and spent about 2 hours at the actual spot. There are still several people living there who knew Bob, and they have great stories and insight. His mausoleum is increadibly moving, and you can light a candle and everyone sings 'One Love'. It was wonderful. And the bus trip through the country side was beautiful and interesting (although a little bumpy and narrow at times.) They play Bob's music on the bus and everyone sings, and the tourguide fills you in on all kinds of facts and trivia along the way. If you are a Bob Marley fan, you owe it to yourself to do this tour!

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    Costs $77.00 per adult. Just print out your voucher. I hope this helps

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    It's about an hour away and costs around $80 per person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebmann View Post
    We will be visiting CSS (again!) at the end of May and would like to visit Bob Marley's birthplace/burial place. Can anyone tell me how long the trip is from CSS, and what the excursion costs?
    We just arranged a driver for 4/20 (HA!!!). It'll be about $100 total for the driver, and $15 each to get into Nine Mile. And I'm planning on tipping him at least $20. His email stated the drive was about an hour and 15 minutes each way. There are separate tours that may allow you to do it cheaper, and going as a group will cost you less per person. But we want the freedom to go where we want, when we want, stop where we want...

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    about a 2 hour bus ride (but totally worth it)

    Part of the great thing about this tour is you get to see soooo much of the countryside. Also, if you get a nice driver they will stop and let you take pictures wherever you want.

    Also, we stopped at a little "rest stop" with bathrooms, beer and meat patties. Nice to get off the bus for a moment.

    Look for my post, "Couples=Dreams"

    This is actually one of my favorite things we did at Couples, by far! I know a good driver, if you want his number, let me know.

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    thanks everyone for the responses. Can't wait to go!

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    Default Bob Marley tour - try the 'off road jeep version'

    We did the Bob Marley Nine Mile tour via the jeep, not the bus (highly recommended by another couple). So we signed up and it was a fantastic experience - we can't wait to do it again this year. Last year it rained (actualy monsoon rains) during our trip but that didn't dampen our excitement - no we weren't smoking anything) - it made it a lot of fun and when we got to Nine Mile, thunder, lightening, pouring rain - it still was fun. We ran inside and were asked to put on 'converted' rain ponchos (actual clear garbage bags). by the time the tour started, the rain had stopped and we had a wonderful time.

    We are planning to go again this year (August) and do the jeep tour again. Not only do you get the Nine Mile experience but you get to see the wonderful little towns and the people. They were smiling and always waving - makes us want to go up there and be able to stop and visit the people and also take up some candy and supplies for those in need.

    It was a great experience and highly recommend the jeep version of the tour instead of the bus.

    Have a great time.

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