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    Default Sans Souci - Deluxe Oceanview Veranda Suite OR 1 Bdrm Oceanview Suite ??

    Has anyone stayed in both the CSS Deluxe Ocean Veranda Suite and 1 Bdrm Oceanview Suite? What was your preference, pro and con and why? It looks like they share the same buildings so the walk isn't a factor.

    I understand the balconies of the Deluxe Oceanview Veranda rooms have a solid floor to ceiling wall/divider totally separating you from your neighbor and the 1 Bdrm Oceanview Suite has a curved half wall that makes it less private. I'd really like to know how they're set up?

    Thanks in advance for your help and insight. Anything you can share is appreciated.

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    We have had both in block D. The balconies were the same size, the small ones. The rooms were very close also. The veranda suite we had was on the ground level, with the balcony over looking more the beach/ocean, where the one bedroom was one floor up, and definitely overlooked the ocean. Both views were great. I actually preferred the veranda suite we had because it was on the ground floor, and we did not have any extra flights of stairs up to our room. My Hubby has emphysema and the stairs to get to the building was plenty, not having the extra flight to the room was great for us.

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    Do the 1 BR Oceanview rooms really have open walls to the next balcony? Is that the case for all the 1 BR Oceanview rooms or just a few? A private balcony is important to us and we have booked this room category for our trip to CSS. If this is the case, I want to make sure we change the category so that we have the balcony to ourselves. What category of rooms have the walls going all the way to the top?

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    We stayed in a 1 bedroom oceanview suite, G13; both the room and balcony were perfect. The balcony walls are full height at the back, lower at the front edge. However, the only way you can see onto the adjacent balcony is to hand over the edge and deliberately look around the wall. You cannot just look to the side and see your neighbors, the balcony was completely private.

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