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Thread: Why, why, why?

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    Default Why, why, why?

    Why is it so relaxing to spend all day on the nude beach? Why do some people enjoy it more than others? And why do the people who won't try the AN beach, make fun of our kind of pure relaxation?
    Tropical questions from Indiana.

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    Besides the freedom of AN sunbathing. We find the people on the AN beach to be so darn nice and so darn repectful of each other.

    Proposed tropical answers from Ontario...


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    Well I personally enjoy the sun and sea breeze being able to reach my whole body. I HATE the way a wet bathing suit feels. The peopple are nicer. It's just more relaxing to me.

    People who won't try it usually think there is something sexual or sleazy about it. Thet have been brought up to hide their bodies and be ashamed of being naked (it's the whole Garden of Eden / Snake / Apple thing). I've yet to actually meet anyone that has decided t try it for 10 minutes and determined they don't like it.

    It's just better

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    My only response is once you go you know...
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Definitely not sleezy or sexual. It really is hard to explain. My fiance was really not sure that she'd do it, but once there, she really enjoyed herself and we returned every day. It was definitely a good way to spend every afternoon of our trip.

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    Default Our first time last week

    My wife and I spent last week at CN. We chose that resort because it had textile and AN beaches. We were interested in trying AN but weren't sure it was for us. We went AN the first day and were hooked. We never made it to the textile side except to walk through getting somewhere else. We spent several hours a day alternating between sitting in the shade and floating on the ocean. The experience was extremely liberating and brought us much closer together by sharing a new experience after 28 years of marriage. One thing we didn't expect was to meet so many nice "normal" people. The week was filled with laughter and great conversations. The first few minutes of "naked" conversation were somewhat awkward but the apprehension soon disappeared. It is absolutely the most comfortable way to experience a beach. Another benefit was that we had the uncrowded beach to share with just a few couples. I don't know why it took my wife and I so long to give it a try.

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    Hey, I recognize some of you ;-)

    At the very least, you get your own uncrowded section of beach, dedicated hot tub, dedicated bar and bartender (Misha, Cheryl, Latoya, Shantea - they were all pitching in last week). Not to mention, the very fact that you are on the beach nekkid is a bit of a tweak to the uptight folks on the textile side constantly adjusting their suits, not to mention the beach walkers from the B&&&&es and R** resorts.

    Last week we also had the added benefit of a bunch of really great folks who happened to be there at the time, all full monty of course. What a blast.

    "People on the nude beach aren't nice because they are naked, they are naked because they are nice."

    Ya Mon!

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    Had a great time on the AN beach until the 24th when we had to leave. Was the most relaxing vacation I've ever had. Read my book, chatted with a few people, baked in the sun, dipped in the carrib, laughed a few gawkers and of course...the cocktails so close. Met a few new friends while there and I agree that naked people are a bit nicer. Although...I didn't meet anyone at CN over the whole week that rubbed me the wrong way. My lovely wife spent her time on the textile side just over the fence but came over periodically to lube up my back and nobody even raised an eyebrow that she was in a suit.

    Jay and Mary

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