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    Default Booking for 2011 - can you cancel if need be?

    We want to book for Dec. 2011, but I wondered if something happens, are you able to cancel and get a full refund?
    Or do you have to take any of the insurance in order for that to happen?

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    yes as long as it's 46 days or more before the trip- full refund. after that it's only a partial refund.

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    Even though you can cancel up to 45 days in advance without any penalty, I still highly suggest that you get the insurance. We never travel outside of the country without insurance.

    You should also check with whomever you make the reservations through. If it is Couples then you can change the dates without needing to purchase new insurance. If it is through a TA, you might loose your insurance and need to purchase new insurance if you end up changing the dates, even by 1 day.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Perfect - hubby is afraid to book so soon in case some thing may cause us to cancel.
    Great to know.

    (What is the purpose of the insurance offered through Couples, then?) Thanks.

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    There are many reasons to buy insurance - it not only covers your resort, but also covers lost luggage, medical if you should get sick which on vacation. We never travel without it. The one problem we had this yr, was we booked our hotel first, then booked the air. Don't have insurance for the air. It was a really good deal, so unless something drastic should happen, we will be going home in Dec. Been thinking of booking for 2011 too. Don't know why I am questioning it right now.

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    REH thanks for asking this question. We're going to book our next trip to CSA for December 2011. We're bringing two other couples with us and they asked me about it. My TA gets back from her vacation tomorrow and I'm calling her. She's a registered TA on this website so I'm assuming she'll be going through Couples for the reservation and insurance, not a big travel organization like GOGO Vacations. Wow it's going to be nice getting the $500 resort credit. Randymon has said that we can charge off site excursions booked through Couples with this credit...AWESOME! I'd really like to take a nice tour of the Negril area on this trip. I was afraid all I'd get out of the credit was seeing the relaxed smile on my wife's face after her 5 one hour massages...LOL.

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    Insurance will cover you in case you need to cancel within the 45 day period. It also covers a multitude of other things like lost baggage, flight delays, illness, needing medical help. It is really a good thing to have for traveling especially outside of the country. It will cost you a couple hundred dollars and is worth every penny.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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