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Thread: July 4th-11th

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    Default July 4th-11th

    Ok who's going the week of July 4th? My other half and I will be there and we're night owls! Is there anything going on at the resort late? We're first timers to CSA!!!

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    my soon to be husband and i will be married there july 1 and are staying until the 11th also...maybe we can get together. it is my first time, and his second...not really night owls, but when on vacation we may be up a lot later than now.

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    Hi debbanks,

    I am not sure what you consider late night but the do have the piano bar which my husband I enjoyed the last time we were there. I think it stayed open pretty late too. We plan on hitting it up every night we are there this time around. We will be at CSA from July 3rd until July 11th, so maybe we will see ya at the bar!

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    Heather & Chris & Brandi & Landon I uploaded a pic to my profile so find us at the bar!!!

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    Hi debbanks,

    My husband and I are going to be there from July 1-8th for our 5th yr anniversary. This is our first time to CSA. We should try to meet up.

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    Hubby and I will be there July 2-6. My bday is on July 3rd. Does anyone know if the piano bar gets crowded? I'm thinking Lemongrass then the Piano bar around 8pm or 9pm Hope to see you guys there!!!

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    bday girl,

    When we went to the piano bar it was not too crowded. It's agreat place to celebrate, we had a ton of fun! We will most likely be there too, so we hope to see ya around the piano.

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    Hubby and I will be there June 30-July 6th. We got married there last year! With being in the hot sun and drinking all day it was hard to make it real late each night! We did have a few late nights. The piano bar can be a blast with the right crowd. Same with the Disco we had one really fun night in there and another time it was just dead! We are thinking of hitting the jungle on Thursday night. It is down the road but a very fun spot on Thursday nights. Its ladies night!
    Heather and Chris hubby can take some photos for you if you like! I will have to send you some he took of us last year they turned out better then the resort photographers!!! See ya all in about 8 weeks!!!
    Was going to attach a photo, but can't seem to do so. I know I did last year. Any tips??

    Mary & Mitch

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    I tried attaching a photo to see if it would work and I think it did. This was us last November when we got married at CSA.
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    OK well see if this attached!! Love the photo in the Lobby. Wish we would have done that one. The next day after we got married I rememberd I wanted to do that lobby shot! Oh well..... See ya in July!
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    Thank you! We will see you soon, not too much longer!

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    let's see if this works...see you guys there!
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    To Tammi,

    We'll be there on the 4th! Keep two bar stools warm for us!!!!

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    My husband, Randy and I will be arriving on the 5th of July and leaving the 12th. We are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. We honeymooned at CSA in 2007 and can't wait to go back! Each night we went to the piano bar and then the night club...tons of fun! Looking forward to meeting you all.

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    I failed at putting up a pic:-) I'll try again later!
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    Default Quen and I

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    Here's a picture of Quen and I...I think! Not sure if it worked if it did we'll see ya in a few weeks!!!

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    I'm getting so excited! Three weeks from today I fly from Oregon to pick my husband up in Virginia. Twenty three days until we check in!!

    Does anyone have a packing list of what not to forget? I am packing my husbands bags too so this should be interesting.

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    I am sooo excited too! It's getting so close. Haven't started the packing list yet, but you have inspired me to do it.

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    Default july 4th-11th

    Hey to everyone who will be at CSA during our honeymoon week! We can not wait to meet some folks while we are there. We are night owls too.
    Marty and I are going on our first big trip since we met,and are counting down the days... Hope everybody is ready to party!

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    Okay everyone we are getting a bit closer, is it bad that I am waiting for someone else to make a packing list and post it for me? It looks like we have a pretty good crew and we are all ready to be there already. I can't wait, it seems as if it can't come quick enough!

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    Default 10 more days guys

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    We will be there! Getting married on the 3rd and flying down on the 4th. Tried to attacha pic hopefully it works. If it does, that's us. If you see us say "hey"!

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    whooo hooo stating to pack counting down the days!!! 9 to go!!

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    Default retry

    Ok retry on the picture. This is us:
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    I just pinned on E-7 (Master SGT) (I'm Air Force) so I will be celebrating! First drink on me!!! I'm so excited only 12 days until we leave on the 4th!!!

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