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    Default Couples Negril vs. Couples Swept Away

    Thinking very seriously on booking for Dec. 2011 - we are going this Dec. to Sans Souci - would like to try one of the resorts in Negril.
    We like quiet, laid back, rooms with nice views of the ocean...
    I would really appreciate some opinions/comments about these 2 resorts and which one might best suit us.
    Not ruling out Couples Tower Isle, either. Just thought it might be nice to try Negril area.


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    CN is on Bloody Bay and there are only 2 other resorts nearby. CSA is on 7 mile beach with a number of other resorts, small hotels, shops and restaurants. We like CN since its very quiet and has a beautiful beach which is quite long and you can walk around. I'm not sure about the ocean view rooms at CSA since I haven't stayed there but I do know there are a number of them at CN. We've always had a garden room which is quite nice and peaceful as well. I believe that CN is a smaller resort too but I may be wrong.

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    I am a huge CSA fan but really was impressed by CN last month. My husband loved CN and the jury is still out for me as to which resort I prefer.

    CSA is a good bit larger and more spread out. I love the rooms and the large terraces as well as the stunning grounds. CN is much more intimate and private. My husband likes the TVs in each category as he misses that as CSA. I appreciate the WiFi at CN.

    The pool at CN is very nice but I honestly cannot remember ever using a pool when staying anywhere on the beach in Negril.

    Beach is deep, quite and more private at CN. Much longer and more active at CSA. I like CSA's beach, my husband prefers CN.

    Staff is wonderful at both. We really enjoyed the entertainment at CSA and only were at CN for one day - beach party night - so did not experience the entertainment. Loved the martini bar though!

    We are headed to CN in May for 4 nights as we switched our reservation from CSA to give CN a try (husband won this one!). I will miss the extensive workout facility and the terraces of CSA but am quite certain CN will be as wonderful an experience at CSA, just different.

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    caviargal has done a great job in describing these two resorts.

    But I like CN best.

    We like CN's beach so much better than CSA's..Being on CN's beach is like being on your very own south Pacific island..Just so many palm and seagrape trees..It's real Jamaica.

    Of course both resorts are outstanding and picking either one is a winner.
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    Thanks to both of you for your responses.

    I am thinking Negril is more up our alley. Sounds quieter and more laid back. Also like the idea that there are not a lot of resorts/hotels near by when walking the beach.

    Now, to convince my hubby to book that far in advance - as we have never booked that early

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    Is this the CSA vs CN pool volleyball challenge question???

    PLEASE you can't compare CSA to CN or CN to CSA so don't even try or think that you can. They are both two differently designed resorts that have their own unique flare and atmosphere.

    To pick the best one that suits YOU, I suggest looking at as many pictures as you can find and let your own heart make your decision as to what you like and dislike.

    That way you only have yourself to blame for not picking CN as your #1 selection.

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    Default REH...CN vs CSA...

    Check out all the responses that I received when I posted the same question of CN vs CSA. We recently returned from CN on March 7th and I wanted to see how this resort differed from CSA from veterans of both.

    Search under "warmweatherfriend" in the Search field at the top of the page and click on advanced search for my posts. Lots of excellent information!!!

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    Thanks warmweatherfriend. I will do that!

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