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    Default Negril Fishing Charters

    Looking for people who have done a charter fishing trip out of Negril. Who did you go with and how was your trip? Would you do it again?

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    We have been to CM 7 times, goin gback the end of the year again. We have done the CHarter 2 times, ofrget the name of the place, but as far as I know there are only two boats working Negril. The one we went on was about a 32 ft boat, cost was about $500 for 6 hours. The boat fit 3 couples well, more than that would be crowded. I did not like it, was not worht it . We did not catch a thing, was way to hot on the obat. Views were nice, we did see dolphins on the one trip. I have spoken to others who have gone and loved it, and cuaght fish.

    Now rather than the charter, I go out with one of the local fishermen in thier boat. There is one that works CN, he is Mandela, parks his boat on the beach next to CN. His boat is a overgrown canoe, charges about $50 an hour, and its great. Can be a rough ride, so be prepares to boucne around. But i never laughed so hard as with him.

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    Did you catch any fish with Mandela?

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    Thanks for the great info about Mandela. We will be sure to look for him or ask the water sports crew. We are only staying at CN 1 night so hopefully we will see him and ask him to meet us at CSA.

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    went out twice with stanleys they keep their boats near. we caught several tuna both times. had a greatr time both times. last october 4 of us went. $600. time before 11 of us went. $850 i think. both times 1/2 days. took tuna back to be cooked for supper. it was great. they are on the web. or they can contact them for you at the resort.


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    I think Stanley's is who we are mainly looking at. Saw some good and bad reviews. Mainly people who just like to complain. Some complained about some of the baiting methods.

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