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    Default July 4th festivities

    We will be at CTI on July 4th and wondered if they do anything special or fun that day?!

    I didn't see my husband already asked that question.
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    I have no idea as I have never been there on July 4th. However, I am going to venture a guess and say "Probably not" as they are Jamaican and the 4th of July really holds more significance here in the USA. In all the trips I have taken to Jamaica, I don't recall seeing Old Glory flying alot.....not that the Jamaicans don't love the Americans, but it is another country with its own history.........
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    Years ago they use to have a beach barbecue for lunch on the 4th and the hotel was decorated, it was great. Little by little they did away with this (was told non-americans complained)last year they had just a few decorations around the stage where you eat breakfast by lunch time they were gone as non-americans complained. A lot of americans were very upset over this as everyone felt we americans had been slapped in the face.

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    They do a little and it is nice, but Couples does have a lot of visitors from the UK and the 4th is not a great day for them. Last year it was nice, they did the red, white, and blue thing, not bad for not being in the States. Been to Germany and it just a day, the same thing during our Thanksgiving. Go to Jamaica or Europe on one of the local holiday's and it is a big deal.

    The 4th and Thanksgiving is an American thing.
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