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    Default Hibiscus Cottage at CSS

    Has anyone ever stayed in the Hibiscus Cottage at Couples Sans Souci. I stayed in the 1 Bedroom beachfront jacuzzi suite last August. I called to see about this cottage and it is available at the time we are wanting to go and I'm just wondering if it's worth the extra money. Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Yep....loved it!!

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    It is really worth it. The only thing is that there is only one Hibiscus Cottage @
    CSS so it is tough to get

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    Default Thanks Ben

    Ok, I may consider spending the extra. I still loved my 1 bedroom beachfront though. It was handy to everything.

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    The Hibiscus Cottage is your own piece of Paradise on Earth.You will love it. It is Absolutely worth it. As we always say "Enjoy Life, This is Not a Dress Rehearsal. So Live it Like You Mean it."
    Enjoy my friend.

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    Stay in it??????????

    Hey,I just want to tour it.
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    Let us know what you think when you return please. Seems spendy but if it is spectacular might be worth it. I would love to know how it is.Have a wonderful trip.

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