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    Hi guys...

    My wife and I are in Couples Tower May 4th-12th. I work for a TV Station and will be bringing an HD camera to the island to fun fun with...25 years of wedding experience if any brides are looking for a nice video. Lots of examples...

    Nancy and Bob

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    We're getting married at CTI on May 8th. What would you charge to record our ceremony?

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    Shoot...can't you get there on the 3rd?
    we are getting married May 3rd CTI

    I would have Loved for you to video for us


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    Oooohhh...we are getting married on May 8th too, at 4PM. I, like librarianliz, am wondering what you would charge to record our ceremony? We debated having the resort do it (we are having an outside vendor for photography) but I wonder about the quality...How/where can we see some examples?

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