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    Default Randymon (this is a food and beverage question )

    There is a posting on this board asking what is available for us guests to use with our morning coffee --
    half and half or real cream is said not to be available - that you only supply regular milk. Please tell us the facts here.

    Its also been said that HIGH mountain coffee is what is used except for in the specialty restuarants -- is this true?

    also is Splenda available? (yellow packets)

    Coffee with half and half or real cream is all we like to use -- if you dont supply it at CSA we will need to pack accordingly :0)

    Please let us know -------
    25 sleeps and a wake up to CSA wooooo!
    Thank you

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    Randymon posted that:

    "hot milk and half/half are available for coffee. High Mountain coffee is served in all restaurants except the specialty restaurants which serve Blue Mountain"
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks for the reply Juli -- I have gone ahead and bought a small box of mini moo creamers that need no refrigeration "just in case" ...I also have my own splenda.... High mountain coffee is just fine - we love it all....

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