I had an ultrasound today and saw the vascular surgeon.

The ultrasound showed that the clot is slowly dissolving and that new veins are forming. It did not show any new clots. This is fabulous news. The surgeon was very happy with the report.

My leg has been swelling and hurting more and more over the past few days. The surgeon was pleased that the leg is very pliable and wasn't concerned about the swelling. He gave me an anti-inflammatory and told me to come see him in 3 months.

I finally feel like I am beginning to heal. The leg doesn't have much stamina, but I have been released to travel and go on hikes.

I see the hematologist on Monday and really don't expect anything other than good news. The hematologist has put me on a daily shot which I give to myself, but that is going pretty well. Still difficult to intentionally stick myself, but I'm doing better.

With the new blood thinner I am on, I have to watch my intake of garlic and ginger. Guess I don't have to brush my teeth as frequently...lol

We have big anniversaries and family weddings this year spread out across the country and I was concerned I wouldn't be able to attend those, but I will and I'm very excited.

Thank you again all for your supports and prayers.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is that through ALL of this, Scott has been able to work from home and take me to my many doctor appointments and it has been a real blessing. For all the nasty things we say about the government, they have really come through during our time of need.