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    Default CSA Booking Multiple Ochos Excursions ......

    We are going to be at CSA Apr28th - May4th and I am wondering if anyone has ever booked multiple excursions in one day and if so is it possible to do this from the front desk at the resort. I understand that Ochos Rios is quite a ways from CSA, but we are interested in Dolphin Cove, Dunns River, and Ziplining. We do not want to spend a lot of time away from the resort, so I would like to do these in one day if possible. We are both 25 so I do not thing a day full of outings will tire us too bad... Also, is the Luminous Lagoon on the way back from Ochos Rios? Would it be possible to do that for the night on the way back to CSA?? I know this sounds like a lot to pack into one day. We want to experience these things, but also know that CSA is going to be amazing and we won't want to be gone from there for long!

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    The front desk can help you with creating an excursion package. Not sure how far Luminous is, but I'm sure they can also help you with that.
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    I don't necessarily want to discourage you from your quest to experience it all, but have you tried to find similar experiences closer to Negril?

    There are more primitive and beautiful falls nearby (within about 1-1/2 hours), a small zipline at one of them.

    However, I would also suggest the temptation to give in to sand gravity.

    If you are hellbent to go to OR, check with the tour desk in the Great House, and they'll set you up.

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    if you do not want to spend a whole day away from the resort, then you are not going to do the dunns river falls and dolphin cove............they are over 3 hours away (EACH WAY) from CSA. If you wanted to do those sorts of things, then you should have booked CTI or CSS

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    It's about a 3.5 hour drive each way. Just a consideration.

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