Well we hit the airport two weeks from this Wednesday. Getting super excited now! I'm laying out in the backyard listening to the reggae station I created on Pandora with a cold beer while sunning my pasty skin before I hit Negril and burn to a crisp. I was laying here wondering if there's any real credability to the
theory of the "base tan". Do you guys think that's a legitimately helpful thing or just a myth? Am I honestly doing myself a favor by bearing my dermis to "Le Sol" before I travel or am I just generating an excuse to lay about in my yard like limp white dread waiting for two weeks to pass? Also I've buried a green flag beside me in the grass and I feel sure my wife has seen it and is dilebrately ignoring it at this point. Point one is apparently one need not practice for the flag service as I seem to have mastered it immediately and with no warm up. Point two is for CSA which is to not hire my wife if she asks. Her response time to the green flag is clearly not up to your standards.
17 days until CSA so I better get back to tanning. Maybe I need a larger flag.