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    jus booked for march 2011...anyone tips, suggestions, or ideas....this will be our first time in jamaica

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    Best tip I can give you is to read the board. Research the archives, you will learn more there than anyone can give you in this single thread.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You will get many nuggets of advice, but try to remember these two things: First, put yourselves on "Jamaica-time" when you step out your front door. Traveling can be such a hassle, but the calmer you are when you arrive, the better to ease into the beauty and laid-back vibe of CSS.

    Second, don't over-pack or over anticipate. You won't need a lot of stuff, just nice casual for the day and some "resort elegant" for the beautiful evenings. It IS tropical-humid, so bring a good supply of "undies." (PERSONAL OPINION WARNING!... While over-packing is not necessary, it does bother me that some folks come to this amazing resort and walk around all day in truly dumpy clothes. Classy and comfortable are not mutually exclusive!)

    And while speaking of clothes and CSS, try not wearing any! Sunset Beach is a place that many people imagine would be awkward or just out-of-the-question. But I dare say that most who try it end up loving this very unique, friendly and fun place. It's a "no judgment zone," you are among friends and fellow travelers. Go early in your stay, you may just find your Shangri-La! We did, and we'll be back for the 5th time in November.

    Goooood choice!

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    Add your post to the MEET UP thread Couples San Souci. You will get posts to your questions up until you leave in 2011

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