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    Default Price of a cab to Ricks Cafe from CN

    Does anyone know how much a cab would cost from CN to Ricks? Also would the cabbie let four people ride together? I know CN does a tour bus there for 30 bucks but we do not want to be restricted to a certain.

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    For the ride from Couples Negril to Ricks, I would not pay more than $60 total for 4 people. It is only about a 15 minute ride each way and there should not be any problem with 4 people. If you are going there just for the sunset and to eat I would say stay away. Go to Rock House Resorts where you can eat lunch or dinner with a beautiful view of the cliffs and ocean. Ricks is cool if you want to see people jump out of the trees and cliffs. Something worthwhile if you have never seen it before.

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    Hey...Cab's are cheap IF you call Rick's and have them send you one! My husband and I went there in September with a couple we met on the resort. It was $30 round trip and that was for 4 ppl. So, $15 per couple. Not bad at all. He dropped you at the door of Rick's and when you are ready to go back to CN go outside and ask for him. Our cabby was great! If you get a cab from CN I THINK its $30 one way. So, be sure to call Rick's and have them send you a cab! Have fun! When will you be at CN?

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    If you're daring enough to strike out on your own, you can take two route taxi's (one to the roundabout in downtown Negril, and another to WestEnd), which would be quite economical. Optionally, you can try a cab service... more expensive, because you can probably hire the driver to be waiting for you when you want to return.

    In any case, be sure that you and the driver have an agreement on your price.

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    good question!! I've heard Rick's Cafe is a must-visit! we're curious how much and how safe it is to take a cab off the resort too.

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    We were charged $40 from CSA and we were there 3 hours or so and the driver waited for us.I think we gave him $50 as he was a super guy. His name was Captain.

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    When we went there is was very expensive. I think like 60-75 for the cab, if you have ppl to split it with not so bad, BUT we went with the shuttle that picks u up its 15.00 PP. They leave you there about 2 1/2 me, its expensive and that is more than plenty time you will want to spend there! Bring lots of $$ you will be hounded to death! And the beer is not cheap either!

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    cab from out on the street to ricks should run 8-12 bucks. You may want to check ricks websight they used to run a shuttle that would pick you up but you would are responsible for your way back

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