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    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your dresses? I found a fabu one last year at Kohl's. Hoping it will fit better than ever this Aug!
    I bought both dresses at Dress Barn in Watertown, New York. We live close to the border of the US so we head over there every now and again to do some shopping!

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    We have just booked our very first stay at a Couples resort for New Year's weekend-so excited! I was wondering about the room requests you all have mentioned. I read from the resort that they cannot honor room requests, so how did you all specify certain penthouse suites? I absolutely love the pics of the Roger Moore suite-does it have the large walk-in shower or a tub? I appreciate everyone's help in advance.

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    Thank you! pictures were amazing!

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    You can see our writeup and pics from last October at the linc below;

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