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    Default Help! Tower isle or sans souci????

    My wife and I just got back from Couples Negril. Loved it. Had a great time. Now we're planning to go to Ocho Rios in December and stay at either Tower Isle or Sans Souci. But the question is which one is more our style?

    We loved the atmosphere at Couples Negril - for those of you who are familiar with that resort. We are in our early thirties and enjoy activity - though we're certainly not opposed to relaxing by the pool as well, so long as there are some younger people and a bit of action by the pool. We do not have a problem with a wide age range at the resort, so long as there are a fair number of people closer to our age.

    We appreciate a bit more modern, newer look and feel to the resort, particularly with the rooms. Clean and classy is the style we go for. We spend more time around the pool as opposed to the beach so the condition/layout of the beach is not all that important to us.

    We are certainly looking for some romance, but do not necessarily need the "private walks" or "little quite hideaways" that I've read so much about with Sans Souci.

    We typically start our day with a workout in the gym so a decent fitness center is important.

    We enjoy all inclusive resorts that have a greater variety of food offerings so we won't have to keep going to the same place every night. And of course the quality of the food is extremely important, being that it is an all inclusive.

    As for nightlife, I understand that Jamaica is not Cancun or Vegas when it comes to partying at night, and that's fine. But we are looking for a resort that will have a decent variety of evening entertainment sufficient to keep us active, interested and entertained until at least midnight or so.

    So please, can anyone help with this decision??? I've read hundreds of reviews for both resorts and it just makes the decision harder. What we really need is someone who has stayed at both resorts, and who can advise us as to which one better suits our style based upon the above criteria.

    Anything anyone has to offer is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi there..................both resorts are beautiful, but different. If you like the modern look and classy clean lines then CTI is for you. But Sans Souci has bigger grounds and scope for nice strolls, it is set on three tiers with lots of steps. I am not sure about the gym at CTI, the gym at SS is very good and they also have aquacise, and you can jog around the pond.

    When it comes to food CTI wins hands down, not because of the quality (the food at both is superb), but because of the variety available.

    Because CTI is on one level most people seem to gravitate to the entertainment in the evening, then move on to the Piano Bar to finish the night.

    My personal opinion is that you might find CTI suits you best, but really you need to keep looking because one will call you eventually.

    We have stayed at both resorts and had a great time at both, but CTI is our favourite.

    I know there are lots of folk out there rooting for both resorts, but I hope this info helps a little.

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    I think you'd be more happy with CTI. CSS is gorgeous and I'm sure you'd be perfectly happy there. However, it does not have a modern feel and there is not a ton of nightlife. We went to CSS this past February and absolutely LOVED it, but we are going to give CTI a try this coming March. From your description of what you're looking for, you seemed to have described what everyone says they like at CTI vs. CSS.

    Again, I don't think you'd be unhappy at CSS, but CTI seems more of what you're looking for. Good Luck!

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    Based on your criteria, I would suggest CTI. The hotel had a redo a couple years ago and is very sleek and modern now.

    We found the swim-up bar at CTI to be more active than the one at CSS. The resort also seemed a bit more active than CSS and CTI has 4 food options where as CSS only has 3 (with the exception of in-room dining services at both resorts).

    We found the piano bar at CTI to be hopping every night and they seemed to go on forever.

    The crowd at CTI was younger than the crowd at CSS the week we went.

    CTI buildings are done more in a highrise hotel style and the resort isn't as spread out at CN.

    We didn't use the gym at either resort, so I can't comment there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    From reading your e-mail I think you would be more happy at Tower Isle. CSS is more laid back and quiet. Tower Isle is more modern and chic thatn CSS. CSS is a smaller resort so you only have a choice of three places to eat each night. One is very dressy, one is very casual and one is inbetween. I think that Tower Isle has more restaurants to choose from each night.

    I have been to Tower Isle once to stay and twice to CSS. I like the slow intimate atmosphere of CSS and will be going there again this year but from your e-mail I really think Tower Isle is more for you.


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    Default Help! Tower isle or sans souci?????

    Sounds like Tower Isle is your resort. It's modern, rooms very updated, pool action, and a variety of activities at night, although I couldn't stay up til midnight! I haven't used the gym but I hear it is very nice as well as the Spa. Food is fantastic as well as service. It's a Couples resort, what else!

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    Sounds like based on what you've written, CTI is the place for you!

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    Default Thanks to all for your helpful advice

    Thank you all for taking time to write such thoughtful and detailed responses. I only wish I had thought of using this message board before I spent days reading hundreds of reviews and agonizing over which resort to choose. The fact that everyone's recommendation was 100% unanimous in favor of CTI (in light of our specific criteria) makes my decision very easy. I will be booking CTI today. Thank you all again for your help.

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    Good Choice - you won't be dissapointed!!!

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    Okay, everyone said everything I would say. On the fitness level, they have a new gym which overlooks the main pool and ocean. I will try to attach photos. Also, Alford does a power walk up the mountain outside of the resort property. It is approximately 3 miles and takes 45-60 minutes. It is first on the highway, then a two lane to a one lane, to two track to a trail through the jungle and then around and back down not the same way you went up. I wore my HRM and while I am not in the best shape, I am in okay shape for my age (54). I averaged 80% with max of 95%.Name:  View from Treadmill.jpg
Views: 2865
Size:  39.0 KBName:  View from Group Class Room.jpg
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Size:  27.8 KBName:  Spin Bikes.jpg
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Size:  26.6 KBName:  View from Treadmill.jpg
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