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    Sorry have another question. Our flight arrives at 10:30am. We have read some troubling threads on if you are there before 4pm your told to leave the lobby and return after 4. Soooo was just wondering if it is like other all-inclusive resorts that if you get there before your room is ready you can change and go to the beach or pool, eat lunch and have some drinks. It will be a awful way to start the trip if we have to wait 4 hours just to do something at the resort. Please help


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    I've never had to wait more than an hour, and we were at CTI around noon that year.

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    No problem! You get your transfer to Couples Resorts as soon as you arrive at the airport. Once at Couples you will immediately check in and be allowed to begin your vacation. The only problem is your room will probably not be ready ( if it is, they will let you in early). In your carry-on bring a bathing suite and cover-up. We usually head to lunch, get a drink, and then head to the beach while waiting for the room. Never saw ANYONE having to wait to begin their vacation. Some people get upset because they want their room right away, but officially check- in to room is not until 3 or 4pm. We love the early flights, because I enjoy getting to the resort for lunch, much better food then at the airport!

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    Carry your swim things in your hand luggage. You can change, hit the beach, eat drink, do whatever you want if your room isn't ready. Enjoy.

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    If by chance your room is not ready when you arrive at the resort, you will be allowed to go eat, drink or whatever until your room is ready. We have always arrived before 4 pm and never had a problem. Couples is very accommodating!!!
    No worries!!!

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    If your flight arrives at 10:30 AM by the time you go thru the airport and board transportation to your Couples resort it will be almost 12 Noon. Allow up to two hours to get to Couples and it will be in the 2:00 PM area. Check in and they will keep your luggage for you.
    Then take a walk around the resort and go to lunch. From time to time check in with the front desk and they may have a room ready for you.

    I also do not believe that Couples would ask you to leave the lobby while you are waiting for your room to be ready!

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    Where did you see someone say you had to leave until 4:00. NO WAY... you check-in, change clothes hit the beach, eat, drink and be merry until your room is ready. Where people get these CRAZY notions I really don't know!!!!

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    Absolutely!... There are very clean lavatory facilities in the lobby for your use to change and enjoy the resort on arrival!

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    You will be fine. You'll be checked in eventhough your room might not be ready and then you can go enjoy any parts of the resort. One year our plane landed at 6:30am (ahh...the good ole days of the AJ redeye from LAX) and we got to the resort at about 8:30. We had breakfast, then my husband got in a snorkle trip and a yoga class before we even had our room...probably got it at about 2pm). We left our suitcases at the lobby and I carried my purse to the beach with the money, passports, electronics in it. The only (very minor) negative was that I didn't feel totally comfortable leaving my purse on the beach while both my husband and I were in the water so one had to stay with it. That's probably just my paranoia...

    Make sure your swimsuit and flipflops are easily accessible and that you have a beach bag to put your valuables in to take with you to lunch and the beach.

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    Nope, just change into your swimsuits and hit the beach, restaurant, pool bar, whatever you like! and this isn't 100%, but chances are that your room will be ready before 4.

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    Make sure you bring a carry on with a change of clothes if you are not already in summer attire and your swimsuit. While you are waiting for your room, wander the property, hit one of the bars and get a drink and just take it all in. You'll be in your room in no time. We had to wait about an hour to get into our room but they kept our luggage and we just brought our small bags around with us. It's truly "no problem mon".

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    Yes, if your suite isn't ready, you can use all the facilities.We pack our suits in our carry ons and hit the beach,no worries!

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    Even though your flight gets in at 10:30am, you won't be at the resort until around 12:30pm - 1:00pm, but the good news is that once you arrive at the resort you are considered a guest and you are free to enjoy yourself. The bellhops will take care of your luggage and you are free to go eat, drink, play in the pool/ocean and be merry! Couples is fabulous. You might also get lucky and your room will already be ready for you. I think it depends on what day of the week you arrive to how early rooms are ready. The weekends are HUGE turnover days for the resort so there can be a wait on those days.
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    Just to let you know- we have been to CN early like you -
    5 times- and our room has always been ready!

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    " We have read some troubling threads on if you are there before 4pm your told to leave the lobby and return after 4. "

    ONE person said that was their experience- as they were sitting in the lobby after being told to come back at 4:00...let's not let little things like this blow up.

    If your room is not ready ( and it may not be ) you can leave your bags and enjoy the resort until it is.

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